Welcome to Scott Lower.

World Book Day 2014

On Thursday 6th March the staff and children dressed up to celebrate World Book Day dressed as their favourite character. There was a parade for the parents in the morning as well as a book sale and a sponsored read. The PTA also raised over £60 at a book sale.


On Wednesday 29th January all classes took part in a Chinese New Year morning to celebrate the Year of the Horse. Each class enjoyed a wide range of activities including Chinese food tasting, Chinese name writing, creating zig-zag books about China, ordering, Chinese numbers and lots of lovely craft activities! Before lunch each class then had the opportunity to share and discuss their work and what they had learnt about Chinese culture.

Scott Lower Chinese New Year Photos

To find out more about Chinese New Year please visit the following websites:
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Year 4's Awesome Antarctic Adventure!!

On Tuesday 28th January Year 4 were joined by Kristy Adams and went on a very muddy expedition in the woods as part of our school link with the Creative Partnership programme and outdoor learning. The purpose was to allow them the opportunity to demonstrate all the qualities of an explorer and prepare them for their trip to Antarctica. It was a hard, exhausting day with the children needing to read maps to find their own food and having a go at lighting fires to make hot chocolate. If that wasn't difficult enough they had to pull their day's supplies on sledges. In the afternoon the children discovered they'd 'lost' Mr Leach and two of their team and spent the afternoon searching for them in the woods!
The children thoroughly enjoyed the day and were able to talk confidently about the qualities they had demonstrated including team work, determination, perseverance, courage, resilience and listening to each other in order to solve problems. We would like to thank our new school Site Agent Mr Summerfield for making the sledges and for the parents for supporting us by providing children with appropriate clothing for a very muddy day!

A Victorian day for Year 3 at Scott.

Year 3 started the term as Victorian school children. Hand inspection was first, followed by the thought for the day. Rote learning of tables, poems and all the kings and queens of England was next. The dunce's cap was put to good use for those disobedient children who dared to speak unless spoken to.
We all enjoyed a Victorian styled lunch after which the children were put through their paces with a Victorian exercise drill just to keep them on their toes. I have to say Year 3 have never been so quiet all day!

Pupils develop good reading skills at Scott.

Older pupils read fluently and confidently from a wide range of books and are keen to discuss their favourite characters making reference to the texts. Younger pupils apply their knowledge of phonics well to read unfamiliar words because of the systematic and effective teaching of phonics. Pupils in Years 1 and 2 read with confidence and are keen to discuss whether their chosen books are fiction or non-fiction

6 September 2013 - Welcome back to a new school year at Scott.

Welcome back after what I hope was a lovely summer for you all
I hope that you and your children are looking forward to the new term ahead. As always, I am so proud of how well our children have settled back into school life. It was lovely to see so many happy, smiling faces coming into school.
Year 1 have managed particularly well with the transition from the Early Years, and I am sure that by Monday, they will all be confident enough to come into school by themselves in the mornings.
We also have some children who have moved from other schools and I am so impressed with how well they have settled into Scott!